Monday, August 1, 2011

Running Free

On July 5th, Venezuela celebrated the 200th anniversary of its independence from Spain. I find this momentous occasion a good omen, for it is the same year and month that my novel was published; a story that takes place largely in Venezuela with a half-native protagonist. To my knowledge, no one has done this before, least of all in the so-called techno-thriller genre.

What made me go the do-it-yourself route? In a way, I’m a bit of an old-fashioned guy. You see, I want to be an author; a person who conceptualizes, thoroughly researches, and writes his work. Then, ideally, an agent takes over and a small army of people does the rest. Of course, reality always has something to say about our hopes and dreams.

Some six months ago, I sat down in front of my computer with the “2011 Guide to Literary Agents” with a steaming cup of coffee and a heart full of expectations. “Who’s going to be my champion in the publishing joust?” After six weeks of churning out 183 agent-specific query letters, I found out that
I'd better get on a horse with a lance of my own if I wanted to win the hand of the professional-literary-career maiden.  Yep, you read it right, 183 rejection letters. But to me the word “quit” is just some computer term used to end a program.

So welcome to the “Sleeper’s Run” blog. This is the epicenter for news and information regarding the novel and its author. But this is not only just about shameless self-promotion. As I brave the exciting–at times intimidating–world of self-publishing, I’ll share my adventures and misadventures, links to useful articles; what services and sites I discovered that worked out for me and which ones left me wondering where my money went. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and even buy some cool book merchandise at Keep on running!

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