Monday, October 10, 2011

Something Gone Wrong

    Things have been quite hectic in these last two weeks. “Sleeper’s Run” is currently on a blog tour throughout the month of October. It’s receiving rave reviews and I’m posting some of my blog posts on different websites. There’s currently an interview with me on Reader Views and I just finished a live interview that will be posted at some point this month. You can follow all these developments through Facebook and Twitter!/sleepersrun pages. This has forced me to make the blog weekly, instead of bi-weekly. For now on you’ll find a new post every Monday. Let’s go on with the show.
    So, you are done with you research, the novel is written and an editor has helped shape your work the best way they can; what’s next? Ironing out those pesky typos, grammatical mishaps and spelling debacles of course. Scribendi was the service I ended up using to correct my novel. I’ve read some author’s post complaining about their prices. So they might not be the cheapest, but they are definitely reliable and they offer some interesting services. Their packages are geared toward authors, English as a second language speakers, corporate or government clients, students and academics, business people and personal documents. Their services for authors are extensive: manuscript critique, editing, proofreading, query letters, synopsis, outlines and a few combo packages. But I’ll just focus on their author’s proofreading service, since it’s the one I used.

    To begin with, the site provides you with a table that estimates the amount of time it will take to correct your manuscript based on the amount of words, and calculates a quote. My manuscript fell under the “from 65,000 up to 100,000 words category.” The expected turnaround was within two weeks. The price shocked me a little bit, but I’m not one to mince funds in my work. So I went ahead and purchased the service, and sent them my book as a Word file. During the purchase process, they ask me for any instructions I wanted to give the proofreader, and the level of toughness of the correction. I went for the harshness treatment and asked for particular attention to awkward phrasing.

    Thirteen days later I got a message that my manuscript was ready to be downloaded. Scribendi gave me back two Word documents: one with all the corrections and notes, and a clean one with only the notes. The proofreading was thorough. They even corrected typographical mistakes within the book’s information, like an extra space between two words in the legal paragraph at the beginning; that kind of thing. Something that I personally liked was a few notes from the proofreader telling me that they enjoyed a line or the end of a chapter, and how they liked reading the book. Sure, the cynic in me immediately screamed “Marketing gimmick!” But the truth is they didn’t have to do it and any future patronage on my part is based on their performance, not compliments. Still, I couldn’t help but feel happy that the proofreader liked my work.

    All in all, I would definitely hire Scribendi’s services in the future. The price may be steep, but they are fast and meticulous. I definitely recommend it. I hope this helps. Keep on running!


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