Monday, December 19, 2011

The Buzz

During the early, naïve months prior to self-publishing Sleeper’s Run, I started educating myself about the indie world. I found an article on that helped me get on the right path. Among the services the post talked about was a marketing company specializing in books called Author Buzz After doing a little research, I thought they could help me out. Their offers fit my limited budget, they had the time and patience to deal with my questions, and gave suggestions about keeping my budget low. Being a professional graphic artist for over a decade, I was not their typical client. I’m very hands on, opinionated and I have a clear idea of how I want my work to be presented.

To make a long story short, I hired them and they quickly became my marketing flagship (they still are). I caught a lucky break budget-wise and was able to hire further services from them, getting ads for my novel in websites, Facebook and newsletters. The number of click-throughs on the ads was considerable. One of the cool things about this experience was getting in contact with M.J. Rose, Author Buzz’s head and founder, international bestselling author, and founder/board member of International Thriller Writers This is a person deeply involved with books and with a genuine interest in seeing writers thrive. We locked horns a few times: me, the self-assured rookie willing to put everything on the line; she, the seasoned veteran who knows how the game is played.  M.J. has always been interested in knowing how the sale of Sleeper’s Run is doing. If I saw and liked my ads, she always offered her advice and at times, her personal experience. She always tried to give me a better deal for my money, present me with opportunities, and even went above and beyond the call of duty to try to understand certain issues with my novel.

Author Buzz was the first marketing company for authors (by an author, I may add). There are many services available on the World Wide Web. Yet, I don’t know how many of them would have someone with the kind of knowledge and dedication Author Buzz has, thanks to Ms. Rose. I consider myself lucky to have found them and I wouldn’t think twice about hiring them again for my next literary outing.

Keep on running!

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