Monday, January 2, 2012

Lost in the Amazon

Shortly after I published my novel, I received one of my first reviews via Reader Views. I was excited, the review was favorable and it was posted on I hoped this was the first of many. After all, getting any sort of attention for a self-published book is no easy task. Then, one day, the review was gone without any warning. My first reaction was that this had to be some sort of technical problem, so I waited a couple of days, but the error was never corrected. It took a day for Amazon’s customer service to get back to me. The answer was something along the lines of “we have no control of what the people do with their reviews.” So I contacted Reader Views to find out what had happened.

The reply came from Irene Watson, Managing Editor of Reader Views and what she had to say was disconcerting.  Apparently, Amazon was removing reviews by sites and individuals alike. The reason for the removal was that the reviews violated Amazon’s posting guidelines. However, Amazon failed to specify what exactly were those rules, or the violations for that matter. Ms. Watson kept digging for the truth and pestering Amazon. There are sites and individual reviewers still victimized by Amazon’s questionable review practices. What Ms. Watson has managed to uncover throughout this ordeal raises a red flag on the future of self-published authors. Below, you’ll find the links of a few of Ms. Watson’s editorials regarding this issue for more details.

Keep on running!

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