Monday, February 13, 2012

Rooster is an interesting service. You send them a MOBI (format for Kindle) file and they put a call on a community of over 3,000 readers to find ten reviewers to post a critique on for $67 per book. Like many of these services, you get  an unbiased review about your work. Yes, like most of these services, you may be paying for someone to trash your work, so don’t expect the sugar-coated treatment just because you lay down some cash.

     The good thing is that those who sign up to assess your manuscript at least are interested in your genre. I really don’t see the point when critics start a review with, “I’m not really a fan of these genre…” or a variation of  it, and then they proceed to give a low score because they are not really into it. If I don’t like, say, romance novels they why in the world would I review them?

      Anyway, the service is good if you are trying to boost your reviews to attract other potential readers. I wasn’t 100% sure about them when I first bumped into them through a Google search. In fact, I thought it was some sort of con. Later  on, someone recommended them to me. Apparently some of her clients have used the service and she's pretty legit, so I gave them a try. After all, attention is something any self-published writer is desperate to get.

     The only drawback I found with the service is a lack of communication. There are no updates or alerts when a reviewer posts on and sometimes it took me a couple of emails before I got a reply. The first reviews started to appear several weeks after  I submitted my novel; such a long time in fact, that I thought they forgot all about me. I had no idea what reviews were from BookRooster and which were from other readers. As for the quality of the reviews, what you see is what you get. Someone reads your book and  if they like it, great; if not, well not-so-great. All in all, I think it’s a cheap and worthwhile service. Hope this helps.

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  1. Thanks for the tips. The price seems low for the potential sales.

    How long prior to posting ones book on Amazon would you recommend sending the MOBI to Rooster?

  2. My pleasure.

    It depends when you need the reviews. I just wanted to beef up the ones I already had, so I was in no particular hurry. If you want them prior to publication, I'd think send the file two months in advance.

    I see them as a good complement, but not as a primary source for reviews.